> Zane Pottery: Vintage Ceramics from Zanesville, Ohio

A History of the Zane Pottery Company

The Peters and Reed Pottery Company had been a successful endeavor for years, with John Peters and Adam Reed at the helm. John Peters retired in 1920, and Harry McClellend purchased his share of the company stock. It was decided in 1921 to change the name of the company to Zane Pottery Company since John Peters was no longer engaged, and Adam Reed was in ill health. In 1922 Adam passed away, leaving Harry McClellend as the sole owner of the Zane Pottery Company.

Although the name changed and the owners transitioned, the production of pottery continued without much disruption. The popular lines such as Moss Aztec (designed by Frank Ferrell of Roseville Pottery and Owens Pottery fame.) continued, and new lines that were in development were brought to market. The distributors accepted the new company's products just as they had accepted the old.

By 1923 over 100 employees worked at the Zanesville plant. The design department was headed by the famous Charles Chilcote, who was well known for his decorative work for on Louwelsa, Eocean, and Dickensware for Weller Pottery.

Whereas Peters and Reed pottery is unmarked, most of the Zane pottery was branded. Typical impressed marks include z, c, p, and o, with Zaneware, and "Made in USA" often included. Ink stamps were used as well, usually "Zaneware" in a rectangle. Labels were also used, but are rare to find.

Under Harry McClellend the company prospered, adding new lines and increasing their gardenware production to over 60 forms. Harry passed away in 1931, leaving the operation of the plant to his wife, Mabel Hall McClellend. Mabel struggled with the plant for ten years as the loss of business during the great depression made the business unprofitable. Eventually she could not keep the doors open, and in 1941 she sold the plant, buildings, and land to Lawton Gondor. This ended forever what little production of Zane Pottery still remained.

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